Derreck L.

Derreck L.

Derreck L.

Derreck has worked as a professor, coach, facilitator, and communications coach over the course of the last 25 years, with the last thirteen being in Asia. He currently works as an executive coach. He specializes in working with corporate employees at all levels to help them hone their messages, build and manage their teams, and work well with colleagues and clients to maximize business outputs. 

He has worked with multinational companies from six continents—Asia, North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Australia—within diverse industries throughout the Fortune 500 index and beyond. 

An adjunct professor at Shanghai’s Fudan University, he specializes in a wide range of communication competencies. Lately, he has primarily focused on helping multinational, corporate managers adjust to the new style of leadership required due to the new political and regulatory climate and high exposure multimedia world. Derreck started his professional career as an Asian Studies professor and has focused his learning on understanding the complex cultural, language, and communication differences among all peoples, specifically those from North America, Europe, and China. In 2007, he organized and led a team of professionals to revamp the Shanghai education system by effectively integrating Western-application oriented and Eastern-acquisition oriented teaching methodologies. His passion for helping corporate employees change their mindset and behavioral habits and control their messaging has translated into his clients’ success. Quotes like the one below say it all . . .

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  • NationalityUnited States
  • Main Training AreasManagement
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