Answers Lie in the Dark – Alvin Lee

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INVENTOR AND AUTHOR, ALVIN LEE, knows personally of the frustration searching for answers can bring. His book, Castles Can Fly, tells of the challenge he faced in Singapore, and then the United States, as he sought backers for what was, at the time, deemed a crazy idea – a modular sandcastle construction kit.

But Alvin was able to find the answers, and in 1998 his family hobby project ended up in the world largest toy fair, the New York Toy Fair and won the major toy award, Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, the ‘Oscar’ award equivalent in the toy industry. His idea, which began on a beach in Singapore, was featured in NBC’s Today Show, ABC’s A Stroke of Genius, and other major news programs.

In this ClarkMorgan Insight, Alvin Lee tells of the need to look outside the comfort zone, “away from the light, and in the darkness” in order to find the answers to life’s problems.

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2 Responses to Answers Lie in the Dark – Alvin Lee

  1. Steven B says:

    Habit is what prevents us from being creative. Alvin reminds us to look in the dark, sometimes scary places, for new ideas.

  2. Roger says:

    Yours is another version of “Journey to the west” and you brought back your sutra.

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