Avoid the ‘Me2’ marketing model in 2012

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Unfortunately, for QANTAS they won’t be allocated any space on my desk. They were too slow. I suggest that they send me the 2013 calendar next week, just to beat the rush.

Or better still, drop the ‘Me2’ marketing strategy. ClarkMorgan hasn’t sent a desk calendar to clients in 10 years. Nor do we sent Moon Cakes in September. Why not? Because EVERYBODY DOES! And when EVERYBODY does something you can hardly differentiate yourself from the masses. It’s called ‘Me2’ or ‘me too’, and it’s pure lazy.

So without giving too much away to our competitors here are a few differentiating marketing techniques that ClarkMorgan Corporate Training uses to differentiate ourselves from our competition:
1. A quarterly HR industry magazine published quarterly, called Network HR – we are the only training firm in mainland China to publish such a mag, and we’ve been doing so since 2005.
2. Holiday cards on ‘Women’s Day’ (8th of March) and ‘Teacher’s Day’ (10th of September), since most of our clients are women, and we can also highlight the plight of rural teachers in China and the great work of The Library Project.
3. Videos of Thought Leaders through China-based social media channels (here’s a sample)

It’s innovative ideas like these that have made ClarkMorgan so successful – on a marketing front. So if you are keen to improve your marketing strategy in China in 2012 avoid the Me2 marketing model and even better, give me a call. ClarkMorgan can help evolve your people AND your corporate image in the Year of the Dragon.

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One Response to Avoid the ‘Me2’ marketing model in 2012

  1. Morry Morgan says:

    Since writing this blog entry I have received another 3 calendars!

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