Be Brave to Sell Big to China

Feb 17 • ClarkMorgan Insights, Sales and Negotiations Insights • 3823 Views • 1 Comment on Be Brave to Sell Big to China

WANG YAN believes that the sales training her company, Altran, received from ClarkMorgan has directly improved sales, as well as help change the focus and strategy of her business. In this video, Wang Yan describes how focusing on the clients’ ‘needs’ has been instrumental in her company success with selling big in China.

Wang Yan is the Automobile Division Operation Manager for Altran China, and joined in 2010. Prior to working at Altran, she worked at Alstom Grid.


Want to know more about selling in China? Click here.


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One Response to Be Brave to Sell Big to China

  1. Ali Halawani says:

    A very impressive testimonial for ClarkMorgan.

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