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Be China Savvy to Appeal to Chinese Hotel Guests – Morry Morgan

Jan 20 • ClarkMorgan Insights, Morry Morgan Insights, Sales and Negotiations Insights, Trainer Insights • 3826 Views • No Comments on Be China Savvy to Appeal to Chinese Hotel Guests – Morry Morgan

OVER 90 MILLION CHINESE TRAVELLED ABROAD IN 2013. Not only is this a huge number, but it is also unprecedented. Never, have Chinese travelled outside of their country in such large numbers. Unfortunately, for many 5-star hotels in the Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand and the USA, there is little understanding of this new segment of guests. The needs of the Chinese are unlike the needs other international guests and domestic travellers, but their spending power is no  less diminished. So in order to better influence the Chinese hotels need to become cross culturally ready. In other words, ‘China Savvy’.

In this ClarkMorgan Insights video, Morry Morgan, author of ‘Selling Big to China’ highlights some of the unique needs of the Chinese guest and how to ensure that your 5-star hotel is more appealing.


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