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    The 8 Steps to Change

    Jan 31, 16 • 2549 Views • Management and Leadership, Wilson Zhu BlogNo Comments

    DID YOU KNOW THAT THE FIRST COMMERCIAL text message was sent in December of 1992? Over twenty years later, that number exceeds the total number of people on earth. It’s even larger if you take into consideration Skype, WhatsApp and WeChat messages. Information, or more importantly, the vast amount of information bombards our life daily....

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    4 Steps to Build Your Leaders

    Jun 10, 15 • 3240 Views • Wilson Zhu BlogNo Comments

    THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO INCREASE THE LEADERSHIP capabilities of an organisation: you hire it, or train it. But with Hays Asia reporting that 70% of Chinese employees will see wage increases in 2015, competing for talent by throwing more money at the problem isn’t a long term solution. With this constraint in mind, I’ve created&hellip...

  • Support Your Arguments by Using Examples – Wilson Zhu

    Oct 23, 14 • 6908 Views • Presentation Skills, Trainers Blogs, Wilson Zhu BlogNo Comments

    AN EFFECTIVE PRESENTATION needs a strong argument to demonstrate an opinion, and strong arguments need evidence. Examples, statistics and testimony are three such ways of making a convincing presentation. However, this doesn’t mean cramming supporting materials into a speech. The supporting materials adopted in a presentation need to be...