China Entry is Made Harder by the Glass Wall Effect – Mona Chung

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SOMETIMES KNOWING TOO MUCH can get you into trouble. Especially when that knowledge is inaccurate. Take the example of Foster’s general manager to China. A fluent Mandarin speaker, with years of experience in Taiwan, his experience was seen as a plus. But the reality was different, as he experienced the ‘glass wall effect’.

Dr Mona Chung has been working in China for the past 15 years, and specialises in strategic planning, management and marketing practice for international organisations that wish to enter, in improve their standing, within the China market. Dr Chung is a frequent guest speaker at public forums and is the author of an extensive list of publications in cross-cultural business. Dr Chung is the author of ‘Shanghaied: Why Foster’s could not survive China studies’, ‘Doing business successfully in China‘ and ‘Doing business in China: getting ready for the Asia Century‘. In addition she has over 70 publications in these relevant fields. Dr Chung teaches international business, management and marketing at Deakin University Australia. She is also member of the executive board of Australia China Business Council Victorian branch.

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2 Responses to China Entry is Made Harder by the Glass Wall Effect – Mona Chung

  1. Terry White says:

    China keeps changing every 3 months, so you definitely can’t base your business practices on old practices. You need to be in the mix 24/7 to understand what is really going down.

  2. mona chung says:

    Dear Terry
    That is an adding challenge for China. The 24/7 mix can be very exhausting! hence the Glass Wall Effect!


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