China is so Black and White, You Have to be Grey – Morry Morgan

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CHINA IS SO BLACK AND WHITE that Chinese live in the grey to survive. So says Morry Morgan, author of ‘Selling Big to China‘ and co-founder of ClarkMorgan. In this ClarkMorgan Insight, Morry describes how rules and regulations in China can be so strict and inflexible that Chinese must use guanxi to get around the system. In this ClarkMorgan Insight, Morry describes how Jacky was able to access the ‘grey’ in the China-context, but hit a wall when trying to use the same approach with respect to Australia. The morale of the story, says Morry, that Chinese will look for loopholes, so be prepared!

Morry has lived and worked in China since 2001. He has published two China-centric books, Selling Big to China – Negotiating Principles for the World’s Largest Market and Managing the Millions – Practical HR Management in China. For nine years he also published NetworkHR magazine, a bi-lingual human resources magazine. Morry is a key note speaker and sales and negotiation skills trainer, and manages ClarkMorgan’s Consulting division across Asia-Pacific.

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