Creating an Assertive Culture

May 21 • Evolving People Podcasts, Morry Morgan Blog, Rupert Munton Blog, Yan Sai Blog • 4382 Views • 2 Comments on Creating an Assertive Culture

Creating an Assertive Culture

ASSERTIVENESS, OR RATHER, LACK THERE OF, is one of the biggest leadership qualities lacking in many Chinese middle and senior managers. In this Evolving People Podcast Morry Morgan, interviews senior ClarkMorgan trainers, Rupert Munton and Sai Yan, about what it takes to make a corporate culture more assertive and how middle and senior managers can be more assertive.

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2 Responses to Creating an Assertive Culture

  1. Yoky Yu says:

    This podcast blew my mind away. Thank you Morry, Rupert, and Yan for the knowledge and experience shared.

  2. April says:

    It’s broadening my knowledge. It’s a very creative idea to host an interview with Rupert and Yan. I’m looking forward to the developing the talent in Asia Pacific. How about hosting a debate with different opinions from leaders on the client side?

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