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Global People Program

The Global People Program (GPP) is a three-day workshop series designed in cooperation with TCO International to equip multinational staff of any nationality with the necessary tools to communicate, interact and influence successfully in the global business environment.

As the strength of China’s position in the world economy grows, organisations need to grow the confidence, sensitivity and skills of their high-potential Chinese staff for working across geographic boundaries and distance in an interconnected world. Such skills include world-class collaboration and communication skills, both face-to-face and at a distance, cross-cultural sensitivity, and the ability to know when to adapt to others and when to seek consistency around corporate values and norms. We call this challenge the ‘Global People Dilemma’.

To address this issue, the GPP program aims to provide participants with a learning passport which will enable them to show greater readiness for global mobility, cross-boundary leadership and international project work.

The Global People Program contains three one-day workshops that can be run one after another or separated over time. Each day focuses on a different area of influencing skill.


ClarkMorgan Partner

TCO International

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Day One:

Culture Shock and Adapting Communication Styles.
This one-day workshop examines our initial reaction to being confronted with different cultures and less familiar cultural practices. Participants are encouraged to look at their default reactions to behaviour which we consider foreign or even strange. Attendees will then be encouraged to develop a more adaptable and understanding approach to interacting across cultures.

Day Two:

Working As Part of a Diverse Team.
Whereas Day One of the Global People Program looks at techniques for influencing individuals, Day Two focuses on the challenges of working within groups. Staff working as members of diverse teams are faced with the need to consider multiple perspectives, communication styles and personality traits when looking to work effectively with colleagues.

Day Three:

Influencing Effectively in Unfamiliar Cultural Environments.
The first two days are focused on skills for working globally at an individual and team level but without leaving China. The third day is about enhanced skills in influencing others globally involving the context of business travel and international assignments. It is aimed at managers aspiring to have a more active role in the global activities of their organisation, and focuses on how to manage oneself and others in an unfamiliar cultural environment.