Understanding China


China is part of every multinational’s supply chain. Whether it’s manufacturing of components, assembly of finished products, providing outsourced technical support, or growing from a niche to a major consumer market, China is critical to a company’s success. It’s ironic that it is so misunderstood.

This one-day Understanding China course will equip new arrivals with the necessary skills that will allow them to hit the ground running. Trainees will be exposed to the cultural challenges of working in the world’s largest market, with respect to staff, customers, and suppliers. Trainees will also learn tips and tricks that will build goodwill, reduce tension, and build respect from the Chinese that they engage.

All seven modules in this program are based on ClarkMorgan’s TAPE methodology, ensuring trainees practice the techniques and are evaluated by the trainer before moving to the next skill.



This course was very useful to help me to have a good way to communicate with clients, including both Europeans and Australians.

Lisa Zhang

Li & Fung

This training greatly improved my communication skills with my colleague and clients in the United Kingdom and also improved my professional skills for my daily work.

Will Xu


The training is very good for our daily work and life when we are working within a Western working environment. The trainer was knowledgable and fun and I recommend this training highly.

Dominique Zhang

PwC China GDC

I learned more knowledge about proper communication skills, which will assist me in my daily work with our US colleagues.

Jasmine Wang


1 Day

Great China Quiz Great China Quiz
Establish the understanding levels of participants and warm-up the audience.
Identifying Key Cultural Influences Identifying Key Cultural Influences
Identify key Chinese cultural influences on common Chinese day-to-day behaviors and develop personal strategies to overcome them.
Understanding Cultural Differences - Hofstede Dimensions Understanding Cultural Differences – Hofstede’s Dimensions
Understand the forefather of cultural identifiers and use the information as a baseline to apply to current working conditions.
Building Strong Intercultural Relationships Building Strong Intercultural Relationships
Gain the understanding of the approaches that are best suited to building relationships across cultures, forging relationships and building bonds.
Dealing With Day-To-Day Frustrations in China Dealing with Day-to-Day Frustrations of China
Identify real life stress causing situations in China and formulate strategies to cope with these specific scenarios.
Benchmarking Yourself Against Global Leaders - Top Leadership Qualities Benchmarking Yourself Against Global Leaders
Be able to identify key leadership characteristics, how they differ from company to company, and culture to culture, and recognize how their own leadership style matches that of the organization.
Web Resources & Further Reading For China Web Resources & Further Reading for China
Receive links and recommendations of online and written material that will help facilitate their further study.

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