Developing China’s Engineers into Tomorrow’s Leaders

May 27 • Evolving People Podcasts, Jeff Lunz Blog, Morry Morgan Blog • 3814 Views • 2 Comments on Developing China’s Engineers into Tomorrow’s Leaders

Developing China's Engineers into Tomorrow's Leaders

CHINA IS MOVING UP THE VALUE CHAIN, and as a consequence more responsibility is falling on the shoulders of Chinese engineers. In this Evolving People podcast, host Morry Morgan interviews ClarkMorgan Chairman and senior trainer, Jeff Lunz, as he discusses the challenges CEOs have in Asia and China specifically, as they develop their engineers into problem solving senior managers and expose these engineers to the grey world of leadership.

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2 Responses to Developing China’s Engineers into Tomorrow’s Leaders

  1. Yoky Yu says:

    I enjoyed listening to your insights Morry and Jeff. “Self-promoting” is definitely a topic that inspired me. I think we are telling ourselves more “no”s than any other people will ever tell us every day. It takes a companies’ coaching to break some Asian social normals such as being modest and hide edges.

    What I have heard from my clients are that some senior engineers/ directors need help in presenting themselves in front of western leaders. It will help those engineers a lot if they recognize that the intangible social norms are contributing to the issue.

  2. Morry Morgan says:

    To further highlight the black and white nature of many Chinese engineers, here’s an example of a former student “advertising self to ladies on Hubei campus, posts strict requirements for potential mate.” The university is Huazhong University of Science and Technology. It appears that personality, small talk and old-fashioned chemistry aren’t enough for this data driven love hunter: Man Advertises Self To Ladies Hubei Campus

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