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Email and Business Writing Communication

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Email and Business Writing Communication

I’m preparing a demo for our current and potential clients. We have these events each month in several different cities. For this month’s demo, I’ve been tasked to train some form of business writing.

ClarkMorgan has been doing business writing training in China for over 10 years now, and so we have a lot of experience. It’s one of those perpetual skill sets that is continuously sought after by our clients. And, it all has to do with one simple idea:


People have been communicating for hundreds of thousands of years. The first forms of writing (depending on your definitions) are only 6 to 8 thousand years old (and yes, it was even business writing back then, ways to keep track of accounts). Populations becoming majority literate has only happened in the last 100 years. The first forms of email are only around 40 years old. And the form and function of email that we know and love is only around 18 years old.

Think about that for a bit. From hardwired hundred thousand evolved survival forms of communication to a writing medium less than twenty years old.

And this is how we primarily communicate in international business settings. Gives you a wealth of ideas, doesn’t it?

It does me….

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