Every Presentation Should have a Key Message – Morry Morgan

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EVERY PRESENTATION SHOULD HAVE A KEY MESSAGE. So says Morry Morgan, co-founder of ClarkMorgan Ltd, and regular public speaker. In this ClarkMorgan Insights video, Morry discusses once case involving engineers from pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, who were afraid of presenting a solid key message to their audience in the United States. In Morry’s words, if you don’t have a key message that tells the audience what do do, then you are simply wasting their time. Send an email instead.

Morry Morgan is an author and regular public speaker. To date, he has spoken at TEDx, Australia-China Business Week, Australia China Business Council forum, Asialink, AmCham, Marketing magazine, Shanghai Business Review, the Qingdao International Business Association, and Melbourne Business School (MBS), amongst many others. His academic approach, coupled with a dry wit, has made him a popular speaker in both China and Australia.

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One Response to Every Presentation Should have a Key Message – Morry Morgan

  1. Michelle says:

    I’ve also seen this issue with respect to presenters not wanting to be explicit with their recommendations. It’s often masked as humility, but in reality it’s plain shyness.

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