Feedback Doesn’t Have to be Negative – Jinming On

May 28 • ClarkMorgan Insights, Communication Skills Insights, Cross Cultural Insights, Management and Leadership Insights • 5370 Views • 2 Comments on Feedback Doesn’t Have to be Negative – Jinming On

IN ASIAN CULTURES providing positive feedback is not usual. So says Jinming On, Chief Accounting Officer for Luxottica in China. However, Jinming, a Malaysian born Chinese, believes that the benefits of providing positive feedback far outweigh only being negative. Her Insight compares two of her bosses in previous companies, and the negative consequences of using negative language.


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2 Responses to Feedback Doesn’t Have to be Negative – Jinming On

  1. Dorothy Watts says:

    I believe in the 4 to 1 ratio of positive to negative feedback. Say 4 nice things in a week, prior to correcting someone. It’s much better than the sandwich technique, which can appear fake.

  2. L.Bloch says:

    I agree that too many people think feedback equals criticism. It shouldn’t be that way at all and in fact you should be giving 5 times as much positive feedback for each ‘critique’.

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