Follow Your Heart, Not Social Pressures – Sophia Xing

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CHINA’S RELATIVELY RECENT OPENING UP in 1978, just under 40 years ago, has meant that traditional gender roles of both men and women have been slow to change. The expression, “Men rule outside, women rule inside” (男主外女主内) is not necessarily considered outdated or even sexist in China, but simply cultural baggage that weighs down on many career women in China today.

So says Sophia Xing, Vice President of Human Resources for Asia Pacific at Osram, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of lighting. In this ClarkMorgan Insights interview, Sophia shares her personal hurdle of focusing on her career, and gives advice to all women who are subject to external social pressures.

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One Response to Follow Your Heart, Not Social Pressures – Sophia Xing

  1. Jessica Wang says:

    Thanks for this excellent video. As a young career woman I am often puzzled by the choice between life style and career development. Sophia you are so successful at a relative young age so I want you be my role model. I am sure you have made a lot of personal sacrifices. I wonder if I can know you so you can be my mentor?

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