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got pieI’VE WITNESSED MY FAIR SHARE OF BAD PRESENTATIONS and what I’ve come to believe is the secret ingredient is ‘PIE’.
Persuasion, Information and Entertainment, or rather a combination of all three.

If you haven’t watched Sir Ken Robinson’s 2006 TED talk, titled “Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity” you’ll soon be the minority. His video is currently at 13,677,189 views. It went up by 123 views in the time it took to write and post this blog. Sir Ken’s presentation is by far the most popular talk on TED and it’s because he has the three ingredients – PIE.

First, he’s persuasive. Warm, friendly, you name it. This guy radiates trust while he makes radical statements against the status quo. His slow and steady movements combined with generous smile will have you nodding in agreement before the first minute has passed.

The second is his information. With quotes, statistics, names and cases, Sir Ken’s presentation is filled with information to support his demeanor. The fact that he’s a ‘Sir’ also adds credibility to this information.

And third, the man is incredibly funny. Dry, observational comedy is the mortar within his persuasive and fact filled presentation. He weaves his own personal anecdotes within the main thrust of the presentation, that is, that schools around the world are killing creativity. You forget that this is a man on stage, in front of hundreds of people. His relaxed and entertaining style creates the illusion that you are listening to his opinion over a casual dinner table, or sipping on a caffé latte in coffee shop.

Presentations should not be a bore. They should be pervasive, informative and, just as importantly, entertaining. So does your presentation have PIE? If not, then just send an e-mail.



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