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Group activities damage learning (in China)

Jun 20 • Communication Skills, Cross Cultural, Management and Leadership, Morry Morgan Blog, Presentation Skills, Trainers Blogs • 4061 Views • No Comments on Group activities damage learning (in China)

Source: Mr Wabu @ Flickr

RUNNING GROUP ACTIVITIES IS OFTEN seen as a way to increase interaction between trainees, particularly in China where voicing one’s single opinion is rare. Trainees are placed in groups of three or four, with the hope that collectively their voices will be louder and the amount of feedback to the trainer increased.

This is certainly true, however, there is a side-effect. While everyone speaks up within the group, generally only one person records the notes. This is delegation at its worst, since it is possible for a trainee to leave a full day of training without a mark on their paper.

For retention, this is a disaster. Memory is increased with the combination of visual (see it), auditory (hear it) and kinaesthetic (do it) cues, and when trainees aren’t writing (ie. doing) retention drops.

In my 10 years of training in China, I have seen this phenomenon of the lone record keeper from Tianjin down to Shenzhen, so trainers beware. Ensure all trainees have a pen in their hand, otherwise your ROI might end up being in the red.

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