In Sales, You Have to Tell a Story

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No, not that type of storytelling. I mean ‘Transmedia Storytelling‘ – a way of engaging your audience across multiple media, for example, print to web to mobile to face-to-face. Transmedia Storytelling is what ClarkMorgan has been doing for years and now there’s actually a name for it. Let me explain.

In 2012, I wrote an an article titled “Negotiating Employment Contracts“. This article was researched and written by a ClarkMorgan trainer, using all the connections they have with leading recruitment and executive search firms, as well as our network of HR Directors across China. The article quoted Michael Page managing director, Andy Bentote. Michael Page placed an advertisement to follow the article, making it easy for readers to connect the ‘expert opinion’ to a website or phone number. Of course this is not new in the field of marketing. How we make this a ‘story’, is by taking that same reader along a path with a consistent message. From print to e-mail to online to face-to-face.

After reading the article the reader can choose to move online via a QR code or website link. Both use of this QR code and website link can be recorded, via for example, so ‘click through rates’ can be measured. The QR code now moves the reader from offline to their mobile phone. Likewise, the website link moves the reader to a web browser on their computer. Regardless of the choice of pathway, the reader is now looking at an advertisement for a face-to-face demonstration on the same topic – Negotiating Employment Contracts. From this page, there are links to a video (ClarkMorgan Insights) or podcast (Network HR podcast), which are both relevant to that topic.


The Journey Continues
From here the reader is encouraged to RSVP to one of the four presentations, held in May in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, on the same topic of ‘Negotiating Employment Contracts’. They RSVP via e-mail or phone. Nothing new there, but now a connection is made back to ClarkMorgan, and a conversation can begin between the sales representative and the potential client.

A few weeks later, that same reader arrives, in person, at the appointed five star hotel, to learn more about Negotiating Employment Contracts. They are greeted by the author, who is also the speaker, and they are also introduced to co-sponsors of the event – for example, Michael Page.
The speaker then conducts a one-hour presentation, with Michael Page quotes and statistics, as well as deeper research that was not published in the original Network HR article. A Q&A session follows and the ‘story’ is complete. The reader has moved from magazine to mobile or web to podcast or video to e-mail or phone call, and then finally to face-to-face. All along that journey, the potential customer has been exposed to the same message, from both Network HR magazine and ClarkMorgan, as well as the advertiser – Michael Page. A relationship, built on expertise has been created, and (finger’s crossed) this equates to contracts signed – for everybody!

And that’s the end of the story.

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