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When Hiring in China Follow the 60:40 Rule – Janet Lee

Mar 28 • ClarkMorgan Insights, Functional Skills Insights, Management and Leadership Insights • 8367 Views • Comments Off on When Hiring in China Follow the 60:40 Rule – Janet Lee

CHINA HAS MANY TECHNICALLY COMPETENT STAFF. The education system focuses on knowledge and building technical ability, however, this is often at the expense of building a the soft skills that are important when managing teams and working alongside clients and vendors.

Janet Lee is the HR and Administration Director for Petro-King, a China-based oilfield technology firm providing high-end oilfield services including technical consultation, project management, well drilling completion, and testing of equipment. It is a highly technical company, and consequently has challenges building holistic managers who are both hard and soft skill competent.

In this ClarkMorgan Insights interview Janet describes how she uses a 60:40 rule, in favor of soft skills, when hiring for managers to join her firm.

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