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Knowing Your Team Can Define Strategy – Heidi Kreuchen

Jul 29 • ClarkMorgan Insights, Management and Leadership Insights • 3975 Views • No Comments on Knowing Your Team Can Define Strategy – Heidi Kreuchen

KNOWING THE STRENGTHS OF YOUR TEAM can help define strategy and open up new markets, says Heidi Kreuchen, Regional Vice President, Australia / NZ at Saba. Her clients often have ‘a-ha!’ moments when they learn of their team’s capability and the market advantage that this new information can create. It is only the leaders’s ignorance of their talent that is preventing their success.

Saba helps organisations transform the way they work by enabling the continuous learning, engagement and development of everyone in their people network, including employees, partners, and customers. Saba delivers learning, performance, succession, career development, workforce planning and compensation solutions that incorporate modern technologies such as social, collaboration, mobile and gamification.

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