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In China, innovate in small steps – Linnet Kwok

Mar 28 • ClarkMorgan Insights, Management and Leadership Insights • 4835 Views • 1 Comment on In China, innovate in small steps – Linnet Kwok

IT IS WELL KNOWN that in China there is a ‘War for Talent’. Consequently, because of the shortage of talent many employees are pushed to the next level, even though they do not have enough experience. On average, they can even be 10 years younger than their equivalent Western counterpart. So says Linnet Kwok, General Manager of Alexander Mann Solutions. Her recommendation is that the new introduction of new concepts into China should be done in small steps, because staff have a ‘fear’ of new concepts.

Alexander Mann Solutions is major provider of talent acquisition and management services. The company integrates outsourcing capability and consulting expertise to enable organisations to attract, engage and retain top talent. The company has operations in over 75 countries, around the world.

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One Response to In China, innovate in small steps – Linnet Kwok

  1. David says:

    It’s easy to understand Linnet’s insights once you come to China and see how risk averse so many people are. This is what leads to the copy-cat culture, since it is safer to follow than to lead.

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