Do your Sales People Sell Milk? – Morry Morgan

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HAS THE CONVENIENCE STORE CLERK ever asked you ‘why’ you are buying a particular milk? Of course not! Milk is milk, is milk! Right? Wrong!

Morgan highlights the fact that there are different sizes, different containers, different flavours, different additives, different fat contents and different brands. In total, China could have over 30 different versions of milk. And why are there so many versions? Because customers are different, and have different needs. So if milk is this complicated, imagine how complicated your product or service is!

Morry Morgan is a sales coach, having trained multinational companies across China and Australia. He is the author of ‘Selling Big to China – Negotiation Principles for the World’s Largest Market‘ and a regular key note speaker in Shanghai, Beijing, Sydney and Melbourne.

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One Response to Do your Sales People Sell Milk? – Morry Morgan

  1. Tim says:

    I’ll never think of buying milk the same again. It used to be such a mundane task, now I will REALLY think about it! Thanks Morry.

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