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Know Your Audience or Kill Them – Morry Morgan

Jul 11 • ClarkMorgan Insights, Morry Morgan Insights, Presentation Skills Insights, Trainer Insights • 36434 Views • 3 Comments on Know Your Audience or Kill Them – Morry Morgan

THE AUDIENCE IS MORE important than the topic. So says Morry Morgan, Co-founder and Marketing Director of ClarkMorgan Ltd. Morgan, a seasoned public speaker and presentation trainer, highlights a case in Beijing, where a Chinese government official did more than put his audience to sleep – he almost killed them!

Morry Morgan is the author of ‘Selling Big to China – Negotiating Principles for the World’s Largest Market’ and a popular key note speaker in Asia Pacific. He has also spoken twice at TEDx Hult Shanghai.

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3 Responses to Know Your Audience or Kill Them – Morry Morgan

  1. David Twine says:

    Great message Morry …. sensible practical advice …. and universal, regardless of the culture or the size of the audience. David Twine

  2. Harry says:

    Funny story Morry!

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