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Motivation Comes from Skill and Will – Jeff Lunz

Jun 22 • ClarkMorgan Insights, Jeff Lunz Insights, Management and Leadership Insights • 4837 Views • 2 Comments on Motivation Comes from Skill and Will – Jeff Lunz

MOTIVATION ISN’T ONLY ABOUT DEMONSTRATING A BENEFIT to an individual, but also understanding whether that same individual has the ability to complete the task. This can be challenging for managers, since few subordinates will voluntarily share their weaknesses. For this reason, leaders and managers need to have a deep understanding of their team that moves beyond an employee’s motivation, their will, and includes their ability, or their skill.

Jeff Lunz has over 12 years of international management experience, and is the Chairman of ClarkMorgan Ltd. In this role he overseas the operations of ClarkMorgan across three offices, in both China and Australia.

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2 Responses to Motivation Comes from Skill and Will – Jeff Lunz

  1. Yoky Yu says:

    Thanks for posting your insight. I have got some questions. What are some of the preventative ways to measure an employee’s capability when you assign that person greater responsibilities? How do you avoid spending too much energy investing on somebody who is less than what is needed for the job? When do you make the decision to remove that person from the position?
    I am curious and would appreciate your further sharing.

  2. Stubbsy says:

    Wise words Jeff. Sometimes we just presume that everyone has the skills, just not the will.

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