To be Innovative, Omit a Given

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HERE’S A GREAT WAY TO BE INNOVATIVE – omit a given! Huh?! Here’s what I mean.

Think of a feature of every restaurant. What does every restaurant have? Chairs? Ok, omit this fact and then make this scenario possible. Create a scenario where a restaurant without chairs is possible. Not too difficult, right? Here’s my quick five:

1. Take-away only
2. Standing bar, out of the side of a hole-in-the-wall along a road
3. Picnic rugs on the ground, and restaurant is in a park
4. BYO chairs (a bit absurd)
5. A ‘Breakfast in Bed’ restaurant – literally (Ok, now I am getting desperate for ideas!)

Here’s another ‘omit a given’ for a restaurant – No fixed address. How can you make this happen? French chef, Ludo Lefebvre, who is based in Los Angeles, has created a success out of omitting this given. His “guerrilla-style pop-up restaurant” is the talk of LA, but you can’t book ahead and there is no guarantee where his restaurant will be tomorrow (you need to keep checking his website!). Ludo took one of the ‘Four Ps’ of markeitng, the Place, and turned it on its head!

A company more close to home (ie. China) is Panda Slow Delivery. What ‘given’ did they omit? Speedy service. While FedEx will get you package to its destination overnight guaranteed, Panda Slow Delivery might take years. And that is exactly their selling point. Want to congratulate your 1 year old on graduating high school in 16 years time? Send it via Panda Slow Delivery. Chances are you will have forgotten about the letter, so imagine the surprise you’ll both get (especially if he dropped out!). No ten-year wedding anniversary would be complete without a romantic, yellow-through-age, letter written by your younger-self wishing you both a happy occasion with more to come. That’s the concept of Panda Slow Delivery. This delivery service is the first of its kind in the world, and is Chinese home-grown.

Omitting a given is part of ClarkMorgan’s Creative & Innovative Thinking training program.  It’s one of a number of tools that are easy to use and may result in strategic advantage for your business or department. You might even create radically different ways to influence your customers to appreciate your product or service, like Ludo Lefebvre. Now here’s my challenge: omit a given in your business. What would happen if, for example, you omitted the tables, a receptionist or even your boss? How could you work around the situation, and in doing so, create a completely new way of doing business?

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