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Overcome the Silo Mentality with 3 Habits – Yan Sai

Jan 9 • Business Essentials Insights, ClarkMorgan Insights, Management and Leadership Insights, Trainers Blogs, Yan Sai Insights • 6246 Views • 2 Comments on Overcome the Silo Mentality with 3 Habits – Yan Sai

THE ‘SILO MENTALITY’ IS NOT UNIQUE to China, but it is a common problem. Sai Yan of ClarkMorgan believes that if managers take the time to explain the role of everyone in the company, encourage the behaviour of sharing, and provide training on how to share ideas, then these managers will overcome the frustrations experienced by multinational businesses.

Sai Yan has worked extensively both in the USA and China, and understands the difficulties international managers face when motivating and working with Chinese colleagues. As the senior consultant for ClarkMorgan, she works with the largest clients, helping them develop their talent across the APAC region.

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2 Responses to Overcome the Silo Mentality with 3 Habits – Yan Sai

  1. Erik says:

    I agree with you Yan Sai. There isn’t a lot of sharing within Chinese workplaces I suggest that it’s because of the years of conditioning at school which discourages cooperation due to the intense pressure to get the highest grade. If schools gave marks for cooperation there could be a shift towards sharing.

  2. Terry White says:

    Chinese make great poker players. They don’t share an inch of information.

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