Reaching Win-Win Means Focusing on the Needs – Morry Morgan

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THE FAMOUS NEGOTIATION BOOK,Getting to Yes‘ by Roger Fisher and William Ury, is a pillar of modern negotiation technique. In the book, Fisher and Ury refer to ‘interests’ as subjective opinions that are at the base of a want or position. These ‘interests’ are identical to ‘needs’, as described in ‘Selling Big to China‘, by ClarkMorgan Managing Director, Morry Morgan, and are the basis of a truly successful ‘win’win’ scenario. In this ClarkMorgan Insights, Morry describes how uncovering needs, or interests, can lead to win-win, or even a win-win-win result.

Morry Morgan is the Managing Director of ClarkMorgan Ltd, and co-founded the company in 2001. He is a popular negotiation and sales trainer and keynote presenter across Asia-Pacific and in 2016 was ranked at #14 Global Sales Guru.



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