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Respect Can’t be Demanded – Jason Hicks

Nov 27 • Business Essentials Insights, ClarkMorgan Insights, Jason Hicks Insights, Management and Leadership Insights • 4147 Views • 1 Comment on Respect Can’t be Demanded – Jason Hicks

THERE IS A DIRECT LINK BETWEEN great leadership and emotional intelligence, or EQ. In this ClarkMorgan Insights video, Jason Hicks, a trainer and coach, explains the importance of ‘self-regulation’ – one of the first proponents of EQ, Daniel Goldman’s, five components. Jason shares two cases of leaders who wanted to be respected, but by demanding respect from those around them, ironically lost it all.

Jason Hicks is Senior Trainer at ClarkMorgan and has 15 years of experience in the training industry. During this time, Jason has held both HR VP and Training and Development Manager positions. Based in Shanghai, he has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies.

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One Response to Respect Can’t be Demanded – Jason Hicks

  1. Ali Halawani says:

    Emotion Intelligence is very important as a leader and it can definitely boost a company’s success. This is even more so for China, where leadership skills are still under-developed. What Daniel Goleman even highlights this problem in his LinkedIn post (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/china-emotional-intelligence-isnt-enough-daniel-goleman) that I recommend that you read.

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