Sales Fundamentals


Although the definition of a sale is simple enough, the process of turning someone into a buyer can be very complex. It requires you to convince someone with a potential interest that there is something for them in making this interest concrete – something that merits spending some of their hard-earned money.

This course will give participants a basic sales process, plus some basic sales tools, that they can use to seal the deal, no matter what the size of the sale.

Each module is based on the ClarkMorgan TAPE methodology, which ensures that trainees are guided as they practice the new skills, and are evaluated before moving onto the next module.



The section of systematically 'asking questions' to uncover the underlying needs was the most inspirational section of this sales for the service industry course. I will be teaching this to my team.

Shirley Zhou

Li & Fung

I attend so many trainings before, but this training is the best because it is more useful for my daily work and into the future. If you are a manager of sales, I recommend this course.

Max Lu

Shenzhen Bros Eastern Textile

I’m very happy to attend the negotiation training you provided, which helped me, a finance professional, to understand the sales negotiation process and the right strategies applicable to each stage while negotiating with potential customers.

Thomas Zou

Finance Director


Not only does Sai Yan understand the complexities of our business, but she is able to adapt our focus and strategy to Chinese market. Her training style influenced our sales team members who later become better with their clients.

David Nicolas

Altran CEO, China & South East Asia

I was really touched by this systematic approach to reaching an agreement in sales. The trainer was able to explain very clearly. Thanks.

Aaron Liu

Li & Fung

This is a great presentation that involves each trainee actively to have better knowledge about negotiations.

Tracy Jiang

Li & Fung



Analyzing Your Prospects - Target Acquisition Equation(TAE) Analyzing Your Prospects – The Target Acquisition Equation
Be able to effecitvely identify the four elements that influence a sale and assess where they are with current prospects.
Writing Your Cold Call Script Writing Your Cold Call Script
Be able to follow a clear set of guidelines that helps to create a more confident and professional impression over the phone.
Building Rapport - Mirroring and Matching Building Rapport – Mirroring and Matching
Gain the ability to quickly and easily build rapport with individuals based on an ability to mirror and match the individuals tone, communication style and demeanor.
Developing Client Relations - Checking Developing Client Relations – Checking
Understand the importance of constantly communicating with clients and prospective clients and how to develop a ‘Rainy Day’ list of reasons to contact a client.
Understanding Deeper Motivations - Needs vs Wants Understanding Deeper Motivations – Needs vs. Wants
Be able to differentiate between a want and need.
Discovering Deeper Needs - The Funnelling Technique Discovering Deeper Needs – The Funnel Technique
Be able to ask questions in a systematic approach in order to reveal the real needs of the person they are communicating with.
Needs Audit Needs Audit
Be able to conduct a needs audit of a customer.
Information Collection for Sales Meetings Information Collection for Sales Meetings
Be able to take the necessary steps in order to be fully prepared for any scenario that might happen during a sales call.
Understanding Your Firms Competitive Advantage - Features Audit Understanding Your Firm’s Competitive Advantage – Features Audit
Be able to generate a list of credible and objective items that your organisation is able to offer to the customer.
Reaching Agreement Reaching Agreement
Be able to identify a clear link between firm feature and customer need.
Creating a Unique Selling Proposition Creating a Unique Selling Proposition
Be able to identify and create a unique selling proposition (USP) which can be used to build a sales and marketing campaign for their product or service.

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