Sales Manager Fundamentals


The challenge of managing a sales force is growing ever more difficult as managers are responsible for managing team members across multiple cities, countries and regions. Today, your team could be located across Shanghai, Singapore and Sydney, with a huge variation of personalities between them. This course aims to prepare new team leaders and managers of global sales forces.

Each module is based on the ClarkMorgan TAPE methodology, which ensures that trainees are guided as they practice the new skills, and are evaluated before moving onto the next module.



The section of systematically 'asking questions' to uncover the underlying needs was the most inspirational section of this sales for the service industry course. I will be teaching this to my team.

Shirley Zhou

Li & Fung

This is a great presentation that involves each trainee actively to have better knowledge about negotiations.

Tracy Jiang

Li & Fung

I attend so many trainings before, but this training is the best because it is more useful for my daily work and into the future. If you are a manager of sales, I recommend this course.

Max Lu

Shenzhen Bros Eastern Textile

Not only does Sai Yan understand the complexities of our business, but she is able to adapt our focus and strategy to Chinese market. Her training style influenced our sales team members who later become better with their clients.

David Nicolas

Altran CEO, China & South East Asia

I was really touched by this systematic approach to reaching an agreement in sales. The trainer was able to explain very clearly. Thanks.

Aaron Liu

Li & Fung

I’m very happy to attend the negotiation training you provided, which helped me, a finance professional, to understand the sales negotiation process and the right strategies applicable to each stage while negotiating with potential customers.

Thomas Zou

Finance Director


0.5 DAY


Attributes of a Top Sales Force - Creating Manageable KPIs Attributes of a Top Sales Force – Creating Manageable KPI’s
Be able to identify the qualifications of a good sales person, and create clear metrics to measure their day-to-day activity.
Building Influencers - KOLs and KIIs Building Influencers – KOLs and KIIs
Be able to develop an action plan to develop Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) and identify current Key Internal Influencers (KII) who will assist in building goodwill and reputation.
Understanding the Marketing Mix - The 4 Ps Understanding the Marketing Mix – The 4 P’s
Be able to link marketing activities to one of the 4P’s and also understand where P’s might be weak against competition.

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