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Sales Suffering from Self Limiting Belief?

Mar 16 • Morry Morgan Blog, Sales and Negotiations • 3013 Views • No Comments on Sales Suffering from Self Limiting Belief?

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JASON HADN’T REPLIED TO MY PHONE CALL. He hadn’t responded to my previous email. I decided to try one more time. No luck; straight to voice mail.

Jason clearly didn’t want to speak to me.

I’d obviously insulted him.

And he probably had no need of my service.


Jason had been in the USA on a business trip. He’d received my messages, but had a hectic schedule combined with a time zone that was the inverse of my own. Thankfully, I was stubborn, and had made one more phone call, even after telling myself that my previous attempt would be my last.

That stubbornness helped break through my self-limiting belief; the belief that I can mind read.

Jason did want to speak to me.

I hadn’t insulted him.

And he did have need of my service.

But for a brief period of time, I believed I had the superhuman ability to know exactly what another person was thinking.

This self-limiting belief has affected everyone, at one time or another. But for sales people, this syndrome can be more devastating, as it results in symptoms ranging from ‘not picking up the phone’ to telling one’s boss that a client is ‘not qualified’, when the opposite may be true. Ultimately, it is a career killer.

So how does one overcome the self-limiting belief?

The first step is to acknowledge that this condition exists. Say to yourself, “I cannot read minds.” Write it on a Post-it Note and stick to the wall. The second step is to obey the ‘Check‘ rule of 10.  A Check, as I wrote in my book ‘Selling Big to China‘, could be an email, call, posted material, or face-to-face meeting, as well as other more creative ways of getting someone’s attention. If the potential customer is thinking of you, then they are ‘in Check’ (The expression is based on the game of Chess). And if the customer is thinking of you, then they can respond to you – either by saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’. And the third step is to understand that a ‘no’ is only a ‘no today’. It doesn’t mean that they will never need your product or services. So keep Checking!

The sales profession isn’t for everyone. It requires a thick skin, self motivation, and an air of stubbornness to overcome the constant onslaught of self-limiting beliefs. But if it was easy, everyone would be doing it – and we wouldn’t be so highly paid!

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