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  • Happy Year of the Monkey from ClarkMorgan

    Feb 5, 16 • 2209 Views • Morry Morgan BlogNo Comments

    ON BEHALF OF THE WHOLE CLARKMORGAN TEAM I’d like to wish you all a happy Year of the Red Monkey! ClarkMorgan was founded in 2001, and if companies had Chinese zodiacs then we would be the snake. I am told that this means our “communication skills will be excellent” and we “will be able to market our products&hellip...

  • Happy Chinese New Year

    Jan 23, 14 • 4788 Views • Morry Morgan Blog, Trainers BlogsNo Comments

    IF YOU WERE BORN IN 1966, 78 or heaven’s forbid, 1990, then in a few days time it will be your year – The Year of the Horse. This will be the year that you wear red underwear, resist eating horse meat, and surround yourself with as many horse motifs as possible, as is the usual behaviour&hellip...

  • Best of ClarkMorgan, 2013

    Jan 6, 14 • 5426 Views • Jeff Lunz Blog, Trainers Blogs3 Comments

    CHRISTMAS TREES ARE GETTING PACKED AWAY, resolutions have been made, and preparations for Chinese New Year are beginning, as the world moves from the the snake to the horse in the lunar calendar. And it is during this lull that we at ClarkMorgan look at the most popular articles and posts relating to training and development&hellip...

  • Happy 2014 from ClarkMorgan

    Dec 30, 13 • 4673 Views • Jeff Lunz Blog, Trainers BlogsNo Comments

    ANOTHER YEAR HAS PASSED for the global human resources community, now interconnected via the internet, conferences and expatriation of roles in all four corners of the world. The result is that in today’s world, the function of managing and retaining true talent has moved from water-cooler conversations to board room debates. And there is...

  • Merry Christmas from ClarkMorgan

    Dec 17, 13 • 3476 Views • Trainers BlogsNo Comments

    IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR AGAIN. Christmas trees, twinkling lights, excessive purchasing and lots and lots of deadlines! If you find yourself stressed, tired and over worked this festive season, remember that it’s your body’s way of telling you to plan, delegate, and manage better in 2014. ClarkMorgan looks forward to helping you...

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