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Team Building – Shenzhen

Aug 31 • Team Building Videos • 4565 Views • 1 Comment on Team Building – Shenzhen

CLARKMORGAN also runs team building for our own staff. Since 2006 ClarkMorgan has been bringing our team together to conduct internal training, build rapport amongst staff, re-engage team members and repeat our yearly goals. In this video, ClarkMorgan went to sunny Shenzhen.


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One Response to Team Building – Shenzhen

  1. Good afternoon,
    we are planning the organization of a team building session in Shenzhen, involving our 80 collaborators on Saturday March 10th.
    We are organized in several offices spread across Greater China, and our objectives here are to give everybody the occasion to mingle and bond with people from other offices in fun and entertaining activities. Last year we held a kayak activity, but with only 20 participants.
    This year we need support given the number of people involved. Is your team available for an event on this day, and if so could you please share further with us on the service you can propose.
    Looking forward to discussing further with you.
    Kind regards,
    Axelle M.

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