Problem Solving


The ability to identify and solve problems within an organisation is vital to stay competitive today. These exercises are designed to break down problems and give the group confidence to overcome them. This translates directly back to their work environment where they can take the same steps they learn in activities and apply it to a real life problems. Groups will face constraints such limited time and resources, but must overcome them in order to succeed.



Thanks to Morry from ClarkMorgan, our team had a very wonderful and fruitful "Embracing Change" training from him. He is indeed an expert in his field, able to engage the team very well and share his knowledge and examples.

Leonide Chang

Analyst, Supply Chain, Jabil


Teambuilding - 2 Truths 1 False 2 Truths 1 False
Each person is required to make three statements about themselves. Two of them are true and one of them is false. The speaker’s coworkers then have to guess which statement is the false statement.
Team Building - Picture smART Picture smART
As a single group the participants must complete a large, pre-designed painting. Each participant is given a small piece of the larger painting with an outline of their section.
Team Building - Bamboo Challenge Bamboo Challenge
This activity tests the groups’ abilities to communicate and cooperate in order to achieve a common goal.
Team Building - Puzzle Squared Puzzle Squared
The group with be broken into 4 groups and put into separated in a specific part of the room. Their goal is to form a completed square picture. Participants must watch other groups to ensure success.
Team Building - Blind Polygon Blind Polygon
Team members put blindfolds on. Facilitator places the rope in the middle of the circle. The group is instructed to form perfect square with each team member holding on to the rope.
Teambuilding - Shape Advertising Shape Advertising
To create a one-minute advertisement that links the shape with both the company and the teams’ personalities. Each group then presents and further discussion occurs.
Team Building - Bridge Building Bridge Building
Two tables are positioned a distance apart on either side of a “River”. Using only the resources provided and without crossing the river themselves, teams must design and construct a bridge.
Team Building - The CEO Game The CEO Game
The goal is simple, bring the “Vision” of the CEO to market, as accurately as possible, under the time limit.
Team Building - Egg Drop Challenge Egg Drop Challenge
This activity tests the groups’ abilities to communicate, innovate and cooperate in order to achieve a common goal in a competition style atmosphere. The winner is the unbroken egg from the highest height.
Team Building - Toothpick and Straw Tower Toothpick and Straw Tower
Participants are broken into teams and given toothpicks and straws. Under a strictly enforced time limit teams compete against each other to build the tallest tower.
Team Building - Helium Stick Helium Stick
Place the helium stick on top of the outstretched fingers. The challenge is to lower the stick to the ground while keeping everyone’s fingers touching the stick.
Team Building - Cardboard Rickshaw Cardboard Rickshaw
Participants are broken into teams and is required to build a rickshaw that is able to hold up a person for a specific amount of time. A rally will be held at the end. The winner(s) will be the one that navigate the course in least amount of time.
Team Building - Nuclear Waste Challenge Nuclear Waste Challenge
Each team is given a bucket of ‘Toxic Waste’. Using only the materials provided, each team works together to transfer the ‘Toxic Waste’ to another location while maintaining a certain distance from the waste.
Team Building - Through the Paper Challenge Through the Paper Challenge
Each group (or Individual) will be given a single sheet of A4 paper and a pair of scissors and have to devise a way of cutting the sheet of paper so that it creates a ring – without any breaks or joins – large enough to fit over a person and then to step through the ring.
Team Building - Photo Hunt Photo Hunt
Each team has to take a photo of as many objects on the list as possible. Each correct photo is worth one point. At a given time all the teams gather together and the photo hunt is over.
Team Building - Warp Speed Warp Speed
Start by throwing the ball back and forth from person to person so that everyone in the group gets it at least once, and it ends up back at the first person. Continue until the group attains the elusive “warp speed!”

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