The 5 Rules of Serendipity for Entrepreneurs

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WHAT ARE THE RULES FOR ENTREPRENEURS? Morry Morgan, co-founder of ClarkMorgan, believes he has the answer. The first is ‘chance favours the prepared mind’. Being alert in a particular field, will make it easier to see trends, or the next entrepreneurial opportunity.

The second is having a lack of focus, rather than a narrow expertise. Entrepreneurs need to be able to see the convergence of multiple disciplines and technologies simultaneously.

Number three is being alert for serendipity, since changes can be very subtle. Don’t expect the next big idea to land on your lap. Entrepreneurs need to be seismographs of change within a particular market.

Four is less obvious – see the BVS. This is an acronym, standing for ‘better view of the situation’, an expression coined by Dr. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson. In short, BVS means understanding that our knowledge and understanding today can never be better than our knowledge and understanding tomorrow. And the faster we can have a BVS of a particular problem, the sooner it can be resolved. Still confused? Watch the video.

Number five is to seek ‘unlikeminded people’. It wasn’t a real word, until now. Morry says that it is the difference in culture, beliefs, backgrounds and knowledge of those people who surround an entrepreneur, that makes him or her more agile and adaptable to any challenge that may present itself.

So if you plan to be an entrepreneur, or drive entrepreneurship thinking within your company, consider the five rules.


Building a culture of entrepreneurship within your organisation, can lead to new developments, increased efficiencies, and higher profitability. Learn more about the ClarkMorgan Creative Thinking course.

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