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The Top Leadership Qualities Admired by Chinese

Nov 26 • Management and Leadership, Morry Morgan Blog • 3079 Views • No Comments on The Top Leadership Qualities Admired by Chinese

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WHAT QUALITIES ARE MOST VALUED IN LEADERSHIP IN CHINA? This was the question ClarkMorgan asked 203 Chinese white collar employees of multinational companies from the top to the bottom of China, and which I discuss on the below Limitless Laowai podcast with Ally Mona.

The results were very surprising. This is especially true when compared to the leadership qualities decreed by Western MBA schools, Harvard and MIT, and the personal opinions of senior executives studying their EMBA at the Melbourne Business School (MBS). Having been provided the top ten qualities of a leaders according to the Chinese, in no specific order, these MBS EMBA students prioritorised them according to their beliefs of leadership.

The cultural differences were shocking!

To listen to the podcast, either click on the link to the left, or download from the Limitless Laowai iTunes store.

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