Who complains?

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“Unfairly blamed”
All these and many other reactions are normal and negative. But imagine that instead of feeling negative about a complaint, you felt positive.
Possible? Possible! Let me show you how.

During my training, to prove that a complaint does not have to be perceived as negative, I run the following activity:

“How many people here have ever had a bad experience with a taxi?” I ask the trainees.
Three of the trainees raise their hand.
“Great. So Wangwei,” I say, directing the question to one of the trainees randomly. “How many times have you received bad service from a taxi driver?”
“More than 3 times?”
“More than 5 times?”
“More than 10 times?”
“Yes. 10 times.”
“Ok. So you’ve had 10 bad experiences with a taxi driver, right?”
“Yes. They take me the wrong way or charge me too much.”
“Great. And how many times did you write an e-mail or make a phone call to the taxi drivers’ company? How many times did you officially complain?”
“You never complained?”
“And why didn’t you complain?”

At this point, I ask the last question to the entire audience of trainees, and ultimately, after some encouragement one person says, “because you won’t return.”
On hearing this, I ask the audience, “and what do we call a customer who returns?”

Answer: A loyal customer.

So the reason that we never complain with a taxi service is because we won’t return – there are 40,000 taxis in Shanghai.
And customers that don’t complain most often simply use a competitor. That is true for not only taxis, but for any business – B2B or B2C.

And that means that if you receive a complaint, you shouldn’t be unhappy, since you have now found a loyal customer, and the response is a firm, and positive, “Thank you!”

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