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Your Way and the Best Way

Jun 25 • Brice Cantrell Blog, Trainers Blogs • 6151 Views • 1 Comment on Your Way and the Best Way

Your Way and the Best Way

I RECENTLY BOUGHT A BIKE to pedal around Shanghai.  In addition to the obvious health benefits of biking to work every day (with a mask, of course) it’s allowed me to explore more of Shanghai.  Living in Shanghai has been a humbling experience.  The populous, expansive city is a modern marvel in and of itself, drawing an international crowd.  The entire world is represented here, to varying degrees, and each has a preferred modus operandi.  Living here it’s easy to forget one of most important rules in Shanghai: everybody thinks their way is the only correct way.

A colleague of mine, Morry Morgan, recently gave a TEDx on China’s Modern Journey into the West.  He encourages Chinese companies expanding overseas to adopt international best practices.  Similarly, when traveling to China from abroad, be prepared to adopt the local practices into life and business.  As the international crowd of Shanghai continues to conduct business with China and the outside world they continue to grow and most importantly, learn the limitations of their own preconceived notions.  When living and working in China remember: there is more than one correct way to get things done, and your way may not be the best way.

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One Response to Your Way and the Best Way

  1. Not only may your way not be the best way, but what is best/effective/workable changes are much more variable, based on law, rules, enforcement, people, time span, locations, etc…

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