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Forget Win-Win. Aim for Win-Win-Win

12月 15 • Business Essentials, Maggie Nee Blog, Sales and Negotiations, Trainers Blogs • 6122 Views • Forget Win-Win. Aim for Win-Win-Win有5条评论


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5 Responses to Forget Win-Win. Aim for Win-Win-Win

  1. DD说道:

    I love the win-win-win concept and will try it with my team from now on!

  2. Stephen Romney说道:

    Very inspiring!! ClarkMorgan never ceases to amaze me.

  3. Thasin Wyatt说道:

    I’ve done a lot of training on negotiation skills and I’ve never come across win-win-win. This seems to be completely omitted from negotiation vocabulary. I’m definitely going to bring it up in in my next negotiation training.

  4. Cam Fraser说道:

    After reading Ury and Fisher’s ‘Getting to Yes’ well over 20 years ago, I am amazed at how easy negotiations can be, once you get down to the individuals’ needs. I guess in this case of win-win-win, there’s just an extra need that needs to be taken into consideration.

  5. April Liu说道:

    Insparational. It’s amazing that Maggie descired 2 simple and vivid stories to let the readers understand win – win – win.


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